The Per Hourly Rate of Tilers in Australia

To make a long thing short, the average hourly rate of a tiler in Australia is $33.21. That amounts to $64,750 per annum. When calculated in Australian Dollars, there is low, medium, and high tilers on an hourly basis. The lowest rate is AU$19.57. As for the medium rate, it is AU$28.64. The highest rates go up to AU$43.99. 

It is the professional tiler’s experience under his or her belt that counts in the final analysis. For those who have a single year’s worth of experience, the rate is AU$20.83. For those who have two, three or four years of experience, the rate goes up to AU$24.18. Then come the seasoned pros with five to nine years of experience. They earn up to AU$30.07 per hour. Next, those with a decade to almost two decades worth of experience have an hourly rate that reaches AU$34.19. These are proper experts we are talking about.

Finally, we enter the region of master tilers who know their job with insight and ability. They will charge a lot, but the finish to your tiled floor or wall they will give will leave you amazed. These maestros of their manual art charge AU$37.77. They have almost a generation worth of experience and remember that they demand proper recognition. 

The total skill level of the tiler matters immensely in the whole mix. Project Managers are the cream of the crop, and they take 37% of the full salary you dish out to get the job done. The negotiation style is another skill, and it determines almost 10% of the salary. If you were to give an average rate of a tiler from the top of your head in an impromptu manner, it would vary between $45 and $65. Yet like previously mentioned, the more the skill level, the higher the rate goes up. The mean rate of laying a square meter of tiles is $55. The extremes of low cost and high cost happen to be $30 and $70. 

When you look at various regions of Australia, each one has its rates. It is due to the different infrastructures and local economics of the areas. In New South Wales, it goes up to $70 per square meter. In Victoria, it is $55. The Western half of the Land Down Under charges $50. Finally, Queensland and South Australia have bills that are $50 and $40, respectively. 

The process of tilework can be broken up into several kinds. These are the following: 

  • Bathroom Tiling
  • Floor Tiling
  • Grouting
  • Kitchen Tiling
  • Mosaic Tiles 
  • Outdoor Pavement
  • Roof Work
  • Tile Removal
  • Tile Reconstruction
  • Wall Tiling

Each of these has its per hourly rates that add up over labour time to make the tiler’s total payments. It is a complicated and tricky process that takes a bit of guesstimate work. Yet the Average Joe (or Jane) can calculate the amount and negotiate a reasonable and feasible fee per hourly basis. Select a reliable tiler. The company with a reputation is the only one whose working hands should be selected from a wide range of choices. Never go for cheap options just because you want to save up on some extra cold hard cash. Such a mistake would lead to shoddy work. It is a better idea to pay a little different and get a decent smooth tiling job at the end of the day instead of being handed a raw deal. 

If you have the cash and the passion for going with it, though, by all means, go for the expensive tilers since they will never let you down. Check up on their credentials beforehand and make sure you give them some space and respect to get the work done according to their work ethic and professional code of labour. 

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